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  1. Alpine SWR-8D4

    Capable of handling 350w RMS, these subwoofers are guaranteed to produce massive amounts of bass. To continuously utilise this power, Alpine's Airflow Management system cools the voice coils to ensure maximum output during extended playing time. Learn More
  2. Alpine PWE-S8

    Alpine PWE-S8 Learn More
  3. Focal P20 F8" FLAX Subwoofer

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    Regular Price: $395.00

    Special Price: $375.00

    Focal P20 F8" FLAX Subwoofer Learn More
  4. Phoenix Gold SX18S4

    Phoenix Gold SX18S4 Learn More
  5. Alpine SBR-S83V

    Alpine SBR-S83V Learn More
  6. Focal IFBMW-SUB BMW 8" Compact Subwoofer

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    Regular Price: $418.00

    Special Price: $379.00

    Designed to replace the factory fitted subwoofer in BMW’s popular 1 & 3 Series and the X1. Learn More
  7. Focal P21 V2 8"


    Regular Price: $359.00

    Special Price: $339.00

    The Polyglass 27 V2 11″ subwoofer handles up to 300 watts RMS, and Focal optimizes this sub to work in sealed enclosures for ultra-tight, accurate reproduction. The dual 4-ohm voice coils allow you to draw maximum power from your mono sub amplifier. Complete your system with an enclosure, a compatible amp, and some wiring to experience Focal’s bass finesse Learn More
  8. Focal 21WX 8″ UTOPIA


    Regular Price: $1,199.00

    Special Price: $1,099.00

    The Utopia Be 21 WX 8″ subwoofer represents the pinnacle of Focal’s pursuit of perfect-sounding, full-bodied bass. It handles up to 250 watts RMS and works best in compact sealed enclosures. Utopia is defined as an “ideal place or state,” and these hand-crafted Focal subs let you take your music to that level. Learn More
  9. Alpine SWR-8D2

    Alpine's all new Type-R 8" Subwoofers incorporate a ground breaking design and innovative patents to deliver unrivalled SPL output and powerful low-end bass response, all in an incredibly compact package. Learn More
  10. Audison APS 8 R

    Audison APS 8 R Learn More

10 Item(s)