Focal 33WX2 13″


Focal 33WX2 13″

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Focal’s top-of-the-line Utopia Be speakers exemplify Focal’s dedication to musical perfection. The sound enthusiasts at Focal worked without constraints to develop what they consider to be the ultimate in speaker technology. Utopia Be subwoofers employ unique materials and unparalleled construction to add incomparable dynamics and natural sound to your system

Focal’s composite sandwich “W” cone features a layer of durable structural foam between two layers of precision-coated glass — the resulting membrane demonstrates exceptional agility, rigidity, and damping to produce realistic bass notes without distortion. A supple rubber surround maintains precise control over the cone, even during extreme excursion. A massive, multi-element magnet, high-linearity two-layer voice coil, and zinc alloy basket give the sub rock-solid power and strength.

The Utopia Be 33 WX2 13″ subwoofer represents the pinnacle of Focal’s pursuit of perfect-sounding, full-bodied bass. It handles up to 400 watts RMS and works in small or medium vented boxes. Utopia is defined as an “ideal place or state,” and these hand-crafted Focal subs let you take your music to that level.

  • Load Vented
  • Load Volume 35 – 50 litres
  • Nominal power 400 W
  • Maximum power 800 W
  • Sensitivity 92 dB
  • Nom. impedance 4 ohms
  • Magnet Multiferrite (12 ferrites)
  • Voice coil 77 mm

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